15 Gallon Heated Portable Pressurized Eyewash Unit, Tank with Heater Jacket (#S19-788H)

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15 Gallon Heated Portable Pressurized Eyewash Unit, Tank with Heater Jacket (#S19-788H)

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  • Meets or exceeds ANSI/ISEA Standard Z358.1 (Except 5-gallon units)
  • HR Models can retrofit to any Bradley pressurized tank with eye wash option only (without drench hose option)
  • Prevents freezing down to -10 degrees F
  • Secondary thermostat with manual reset prevents over heating of water


Ideal for providing emergency protection in areas where permanent water supply is not available. Supplements permanent eyewash fixture installations. Fifteen-gallon pressure tank is constructed of stainless steel. 34" (864mm) high and 12¼" (311mm) outside diameter. Weighs 28 lbs. empty and 128 lbs. full. Eyewash heads are chrome-plated brass. Tank has a tire filler valve with 0–160 PSI air gauge. 8' hand-held hose spray has chrome-plated metal parts. (S19-788 only) Hose burst strength is 450 PSI. Hand-held hose sprayhead contains an antimicrobial agent to protect the sprayhead.

Standard Equipment

15-gallon Tank
Stainless steel pressure tank has built-in carrying handles and resilient bottom. Tire filler valve with 0–160 PSI air gauge. Pressure relief valve prevents accidental over pressurization.
Twin chrome-plated brass, soft flow eyewash heads with automatic flow control stay-open valve. Protective dust covers are included. Hand operated by a large, higly visible stainless steel push handle. Flow from eyewash complies with ANSI Z358.1
Hand-Held Hose Spray (S19-788 only)
8' (2438mm) yellow hose spray with hand-held squeeze-type valve, full-size spray nozzle, and hose clamp. All metal parts are chrome-plated.
Concentrate (sold separately)
Concentrate is not included with tanks.
Personal eyewash equipment does not meet the criteria of plumbed or self-contained eyewash equipment. Personal eyewashes support plumbed or self-contained units but shall not replace them. 


Insulated heater jacket thermostatically controls water in weather conditions down to -10ºF (-23ºC). Uses a standard 120VAC grounded power cord. Unit operates by activating the large, highly visible, push handle. Highly visible, yellow insulated jacket made of 200 Denier foam-backed nylon oxford w/clear vinyl pocket for electrical connections. Eyewash yoke wrapped with heat trace cable and lined with pipe insulation for further freeze protection. Silicone rubber drum heaters have tension spring and hook fasteners.

Heated portable pressurized eyewash units are not rated for outdoor use.

Standard Equipment

Tank Jacket and Eyewash Yoke Jacket
Highly visible yellow waterproof insulated jacket made of 200 Denier foam-backed nylon w/clear vinyl pocket.

280-watt (5-gallon only) and 510-watt (10- and 15-gallon only) drum heaters made of silicone rubber with tension spring and hook fasteners.

Dual Thermostat
75ºF +/- 5º normal operation thermostat in series with 90ºF +/- 5º high limit, manually reset thermostat.

Electric Heat Trace Cable
Self-regulated to -50ºF, thermal rating - 5 watts/foot, service voltage - 120VAC, amperage/wattage - .7 AMP/80 watts at 50ºF unit water temperature.

Pipe Wrap
1.5" OD pipe insulation, 3 ⁄8" thick

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